The product has been based on technology developed by NASA which we own the European rights to import and install. Used originally to clean parachutes due to no chemical residue damaging parachute fibres for safety and costs, which led to all interior and exterior of the space craft being cleaned in Ozone technology, killing every bacteria known to man.


Environmental impact

Traditional laundering methods require an enormous amount of water and energy to clean the mountains of linen used around the World every day. Most people aren’t even aware of the magnitude of the problem. A typical laundry uses a tremendous amount of energy and an average of 11.35L of water for every single kilogram of linens processed. This resource-intensive process has pretty much escaped the ire of environmentally-conscious groups because it’s just a ‘dirty little secret’ you can’t do anything about. Well, that’s not exactly true anymore.

Green laundry is an idea whose time has come and an idea that demands great attention. The term Green Laundry is applied to a philosophy of textile care that focuses on reducing the total environmental impact of traditional laundry operations. The primary reasons you should convert to a Green Laundry System are to save money and to help save the Earth.

The Ozone System is known to deliver up to 80% saving on electricity, 50% on hot water and 80% on your chemical bill. There could also be indirect savings of 35% on gas, 35% on labour and 30% on linen cost!

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Ozone technology was developed by the Space Programme
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