Meat Processing Plant and Ozone

In February 2020 the Food Standards Agency released figures that there are 2.4m food poisoning cases a year in the UK, of which 380,000 are due to norovirus, over double the estimated numbers from a decade ago in 2009.

So why use ozone to clean areas, machinery, vessels etc – quite simply it does the job much more effectively than chlorine, bleach and many other preparations. It will save time, labour and money. Ozone can be used as a gas to disinfect areas or diluted with water, for washing down. Either way we at Hygiene Efficiency have a product that will fit your applications, offering less downtime and a much safer biological environment.

Processing Room applications

Whatever your processing room looks like Hygiene Efficiency can produce a sanitisation system combining ozone in gaseous and ozone water application. Gaseous systems linked to the ventilation system will deliver low level ozone into the atmosphere well below the safe OEL with the benefits of:-

  • Sanitising hard to reach surfaces such as those at height or awkward to reach.
  • As the ozone is a gas it can get into the machinery to what would normally be impossible to clean parts.
  • Cleans all trolleys or racks which move in an out of the food processing area.
  • As ozone is heavier than air it will fall to the ground and continue to clean right into gullies, and drains.
  • Is a labour free system so removes human error in not cleaning a 100% of the surfaces 100% of the time.

Ozone water can be used for any washdown process:-

  • A chemical free alternative for any clean-in-place protocol as the ozone systems can be used to feed jet washers
  • Ozone water systems can be incorporated into any continuous wash/rinse process giving further sanitisation of the food , equipment and conveyor belts.
  • With a rotation of knives though a bowl of ozone water they can be kept sanitised whilst maintaining the speed of production.

Transfer Room applications - Where customers require product movements in / out of clean rooms ozone can be used to provide a suitable sanitisation process. Either by flooding ozone gas into the sealed room which removes human error in not reaching 100% of the surfaces or by using ozone water as a spray wash on non-porous such as trollies and staging.

Storage Room applications - In a two-stage process Hygiene Efficiency can keep your storage rooms clean. Firstly, by using ozone water in wash down it will remove bacteria, viruses and moulds from all surfaces without the need for chemicals. Then an ozone machine attached to the ventilation system will deliver low level ozone into the atmosphere well below the safe OEL for ozone eradicating and inhibiting the presence of airborne pathogens.

Odour Control applications - Hygiene Efficiency have experience in producing odour control systems for a variety of different sectors. Ozone is as a natural cleaner and when it interacts with an odour a chemical reaction takes place and the odour harmlessly broken down; the smell is then permanently removed and is not just masked.

Food Product benefits - It is not just the machinery, equipment and surfaces which can be cleaned by ozone but the food products too. There have been several well documented outbreaks of illness throughout the world linked to the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables all of which can be washed with ozone water replacing chlorinated water (the most common wash agent) and removing the issue of residual chlorate levels in the food. Not only will your food products be clean but published research has shown ozone water makes fruit and vegetables a better product.

So contact us now to let Hygiene Efficiency help to make your food processing areas cleaner, greatly reduce you chemical usage, speed up food processing and remove the issue of residual chemical levels in your food products.