Ozone Benefits

In 2012, we began working with ozone as a sanitiser and Hygiene Efficiency leads the industry in the development of new ozone advancements and applications. Hygiene Efficiency has worked closely with its winery clients to document the efficacy of ozone in winery sanitation applications. Hygiene Efficiency is the leader in the production of mobile and stationary ozone sanitation systems and produces systems designed to meet the needs of any size winery.

The increased use of Ozone in wineries as a sterilisation system is due to a number of unique properties that ozone has: -

  • Ozone is powerful enough that organisms cannot develop a tolerance to it.
  • Ozone kills a much broader spectrum bacteria, fungus and moulds, yeasts, spores, and cysts from 10 to 5000 times faster than halogenated chemicals (chlorine, iodine, etc.).
  • Ozone is environmentally friendly when used correctly as it is an unstable compound reverting to oxygen leaving no damage or any residual compounds.
  • Ozone is a stand-alone organic sanitiser which simplifies sanitation, is cost effective, safe to use, saves water and energy, and is environmentally friendly.
  • Ozone is produced as needed on site, dissipates after use, and minimizes the purchase, storage, mixing and disposal of chemicals.
  • Ozone is a cold sanitiser that saves energy, extends barrel flavours, and minimizes bottling line maintenance costs and cool down cycles.
  • Ozone was approved by a FDA Expert Panel as GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for use as a sanitiser in 1997 and was approved by FDA for use with fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, etc. in June 2001 (food additive petition).
  • Ozone was approved under USDA Organic Rule in 2000.
  • Ozone unlike halogenated chemicals (i.e. chlorine, iodine, etc.) does not generate TCA precursors or dangerous halogenated hydrocarbon by-products, such as THM’s.
  • Ozone destroys objectionable taste and odour causing compounds.
  • Ozone is pH neutral, (does not change the acid/alkaline balance)
  • The grape coming in from harvest will be totally sanitised before entering your manufacturing process.
  • Depend where you are the world, some companies are not able to use chemicals on the grapes for the last three weeks before picking. We have an ozone solution to protect your fruit during this time.
  • We are also able to reduce crop loss when planting of vines.