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The beast from the East cold weather and snow storm is causing havoc all over the UK this week as we all struggle to deal with temperatures as low as -15!

snow truck

Not only is everyone struggling to get around with the roads being jammed up, but the National Grid today issued a warning today that the UK may not have enough Gas to meet demand following significant supply losses.

The impact of these announcements is huge, and it causes consumers to worry even though houses are the last to be affected in times of major shortages.

Industrial users are potentially affected however and for organisations such as commercial laundries the thought that their gas supply is being limited could be pretty concerning as it could stop many from operating the large factories that they have.


Thousands of hotels, care homes, hospitals and restaurants are reliant on large commercial laundries wash their laundry for them and these laundries need to operate and service their customers to stay alive!

Being deprived of energy would stop many of these laundries from operating as they rely on their Gas boiler to heat water to wash the linen and laundry they have.

Some laundries don’t have this problem though.

Energy shortage issues would not stop Telford Laundry, Laundry Works, Ocean Breeze, The Green Group, Saif Linen, Avonport Laundry and lots of our other customers from operating though.

These organisations have as a result of deploying the Laundry Efficiency solution been able to reduce their Gas usage significantly and wash their linen in cold water and still get incredible high quality results.

As Tooq Ahmed, the Operations Director at The Green Group in Glasgow explains in this video, he is able to use 50% less Gas than previously as a result of deploying our Ozone based solution


We all know the cold spell will pass soon and we will get back to everyday life but warnings like the one issued by the National Grid tell us all that we need to look at new and innovative technology and solutions that can help us reduce the amount of energy we need.

Telford Laundry reduced their Carbon Footprint by 78 tons a year to 13 as a direct result of working with us and yet did 20% more work during the same period! They also shaved £3500 off their monthly gas bill at the same time and did this whilst delivering an even higher quality of commercial laundry to their customers.

If you are interested in finding out how your commercial laundry could use less Gas, be more productive and yet still achieve an incredible high quality wash for your customers then contact Colin on colin@laundryefficiency.co.uk

See how we can help you reduce your dependency on high cost energy sources!