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It is often a major dilemma for any business of any size. Do you chase for new work or simply maintain the customer base that you already have? Sounds a silly question, doesn’t it? I mean any business with any ambition will want to attract new custom to increase their sales and profits, right?

But with new business comes new challenges and much more cost. Staffing levels will inevitably increase as will the cost of wages and the employment of these new team members. Then the new staff have to be trained and mentored, targeted and their performance measured.

And what about all that new equipment to increase the capacity from which you operate so you can cater for this added demand? This can be a significant investment for any business owner with the cost of equipment and labour to install. And it never happens overnight, does it? There can be significant downtime during the installation process. A few days? A few weeks? Maybe even a few months? The workload backs up, loyal customers get annoyed as they are being kept waiting and they may even start to look elsewhere.

And new sales prompts added costs. In the laundry business this means increased costs for the basic materials like gas, water and chemicals. It all adds up.

So you can see why some businesses may opt to stick with their current client list and let any new customers go elsewhere for their requirements, potentially to their fiercest competitors.

So how about if it was possible to double your business’s productivity without the need for investing in new equipment, whilst simply maintaining your current staffing levels and actually enjoy significantly savings in gas, water and chemicals?

That can’t be possible, can it?

Well, yes it can actually. If you own a laundry business and install Laundry Efficiency Technology then this will increase productivity so you will be able to cater for more business.

Take Telford Laundry as an example. This is a family owned business that is dedicated to providing quality laundry services to the commercial, industrial and domestic market across the West Midlands to the Welsh Coast. For over 30 years, owner Paul Woodhead and his family have been the preferred commercial laundry service provider and have grown the business into the substantial commercial laundry operation.

Using our unique Ozone technology, the process of cleaning is 3,000 times faster at destroying bacteria than existing chemicals used and without the odour or the need to have several rewashes.

Telford Laundry increased their washes from 8 per machine per day to 17 washes per day. That is more than double the previous washes completed during the day also reducing their labour costs significantly.

We also reduced Telford Laundry’s carbon footprint from 78 tonnes down to between 12 & 13, and we save their business the equivalent of 236 bathtubs of water per day? That's nearly 40,000 litres of water!

Paul insists that Ozone technology helped his business become more productive and cost efficient and now he plans to turn Telford Laundry into 100% Ozone laundry business.

Another benefit to new businesses installing Ozone technology is that Laundry Efficiency can guarantee minimal downtime which minimizes the disruption of your working process. This unlike other laundry systems that require days of installation.

So make that call now! If you are a business with demanding laundry requirements and are interested in understanding how Laundry Efficiency could benefit you, with significant savings and operational benefits guaranteed, then take the Laundry Efficiency test to see how your laundry could benefit.

You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solution for you – confidently, quickly and without complication. To make contact to arrange a free demonstration you can email info@laundryefficiency.com or call 01543 871067.