If you are looking for reassuringly cost-effective and efficient deep cleaning system for your home and office, we may have the solution you are looking for.

Manufactured in the UK, each of our five Ozone Generators will leave your home and workspace deep cleaned, sanitsed and free of unwanted smells. The use of Ozone as a deep cleaning sanitisation solution is a viable and natural approach. The after effects of using a Hygiene Efficiency Ozone Generator can be likened to the ‘fresh air’ smell and atmospheric feeling we experience after a thunderstorm.

Ozone or ‘activated Oxygen’ will remove bacteria and viruses from surfaces (including hard to reach places such as air vents and the back of radiators) and eliminates odours to leave your rooms and car interiors smell free and clean. Plus, you are not left with any sticky form of residue on your home furnishings or office equipment as Ozone does not need detergents to work. Instead, our Pure and Clean products simply require the air we breath and electricity to work.

Why Choose a Pure and Clean Sanitiser

  • Achieve complete room sterilisation in 15 minutes
  • Kill all known bacterial and viruses
  • Destroy odours rather than mask them
  • Completely eradicate tobacco, animal, waste odours
  • Be free of a chemical cleaning system
  • Save money as you will no longer need buy expensive cleaning detergents
  • Effortlessly clean between rooms in your home or  commercial office

What size Ozone Generator should I buy?

For small areas such as toilets and washrooms, corridors and visiting spaces choose our Air Rejuvenator.

For rooms up to 40m2, choose our Small Room Sanitiser. This Ozone Generator is perfect for spaces such as small offices, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, utility rooms, sheds and small apartments for example.

For rooms up to 150m2, choose our Large Room Sanitiser. This larger Ozone Generator is ideal for large offices, workshops, teaching and training rooms, small industrial units, large houses, gyms, restaurants, bars and clubs.

For specific cleaning of Ice machines in cafes, bars, fast food restaurants, take-aways, restaurants, pubs and clubs, take a look at our Ice Machine Ozone Generator.

For sanitising the interiors of cars and vans, choose our Portable Sanitiser Ozone Generator.

Pure Clean Large Room Large room sanitiser
£555 + VAT
Pure Clean Small Room Small Room Sanitiser
£435 + VAT
Pure Clean Air Air Rejuvenator
£129.5 + VAT
Pure Clean s Ice Machine Sanitiser
Price on Application
Pure Clean car The Car Disinfection Machine
£322.5 + VAT